Current Series

April 2024

May 2023

For three weeks in May, we explore meaningful topics that include the ways imperfection makes this world beautiful, our District Superintendent, Rev. Cynthia Williams, preaches on the story of Jesus healing a woman on the sabbath, and Rev. Susan Mullin's sermon "Things Look Dire: Be Not Afraid". 

Questions of a Risen Jesus

Throughout Lent, we examined different questions that arose in encounters with Jesus. This week and next, we'll examine two of the questions that Jesus himself asked after he was resurrected. 


Throughout the gospels, Jesus encounters people who are seeking. They are seeking a new beginning, a different life, a deeper faith. The exchange between them is one of questions and exploration. We are also seeking many things. Lent offers us a season to engage in this spiritual practice of seeking and asking questions. Each week, we will seek good questions rather than easy answers. Our faith will be shaped by our growth, curiosity, and wonder.



Join us as we explore the concept of belonging. It's a desire and need that we all have to belong. What does it mean to truly belong? How can we create belonging? To whom do we belong?