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Current Series

What Makes Us Cry

Joy and laughter can bring tears to our eyes. We cry when we are overwhelmed by the sadness and pain in our lives and world. In the midst of joy and pain, there is a great beauty to be seen.

May Series

God works through small, seemingly insignificant moments as well. As we seek to be Easter people, let us remember the stories in our Bible where God took ordinary people, ordinary objects, ordinary places and used them in great big ways to flood the world with love and joy: tiny mustard seeds, two fish, five rocks. Join us as we explore how these small things made a big difference.

Easter Week

Join us for Easter week worship, beginning with Palm Sunday worship on April 10 at 10am. All ages join in a Palm Processional and Holy Communion. Good Friday worship on April 15 at 7pm is an evening of reflection and music. Easter morning we celebrate the Risen Christ at 9am and 10:30am.

Sermon on the Mount

The greatest ever preached. We dive deep into the words of Jesus this Lent and listen to them anew. When Jesus climbed onto the hillside and spoke to the crowd, he gifted all of us with words that could change the world.

What Matters Most: Urgent Issues for Today

We asked Millennials (b. 1981—1996) and Generation Z (b. 1997—2012) to share what issues they thought were the most urgent to address. These two generations are now the two largest generations alive today. The future of our church requires that we understand them, care about them, and connect with them. Together we’ll examine how scripture can inform the way we understand and engage with these issues.


Faith AND Doubt

Too often, doubt is described as an enemy of faith. The more doubts you have, the less faith you must have. But what if we could see it a different way? What is doubt was just a natural part of faith, a healthy part of faith? What if it was something we could embrace instead of criticize? We explore the gifts that doubt can bring to our faith and how we can encourage on another to give voice to the questions, ponderings, and doubts that come  our way.

Housing the Holy

This Advent we will explore ways we can house the holy in new and creative ways. With a weary world surrounding us, how might we find a place for the Christ child to be born? How might we transform what’s right in front of us into solutions to meet our community’s needs?


Transforming for Tomorrow

As faithful followers of Jesus our Christ, we aim to nurture and serve others using the best tools that we have. Loving others means that we strive to share our deep faith in relevant ways that make others feel welcome and inspired to partner with us. In worship, we will be fleshing out more about what this means, as we give thanks for the saints who came before us and we prepare for those who will come after us.

Staying Awake

Jesus asks us to stay awake—to our community, to the brokenness, to the beauty, to the world. We will be using the book Staying Awake: The Gospel for Changemakers as our guide. The book is written by Rev. Tyler Sit, a United Methodist Church planter of New City Church in Minneapolis, a church led mostly by queer people of color. Rev. Sit wrote this guide for all of us to stay awake to the ways we can transform our inner beings as well as the wider world around us. 


Making Room

In a world with infinite options and possibilities, it takes intentionality to ensure we carve out space for things that really matter. This last month of summer, as we prepare for the  hustle and bustle of fall, we will take time to make space--for ourselves, one another, and the aspects of our life that matter.

Adventures on the River

God shows up in powerful ways through scripture stories that take place on lakes and near rivers.  From Moses to Isaiah, Joshua to Ezekiel, Lydia to Jesus – there always seems to be an adventure on the water and the people of God are repeatedly stretched in new and challenging ways. Isaiah’s words can bring all of us some much needed comfort..."When you pass through the waters, I will be with you".


Our vision statement proclaims that we want to be known as a courageous Christian community. What does courage look like in Christianity? What does courage look like for us in this time and place? Courage can be found in small actions and conversations that we do each and every day. We will look at the early church in Acts to gain wisdom into our own acts of courage.



Every week, Pastor Brooke ends worship with a benediction, a blessing. This month in worship, we will be looking at each phrase of that blessing in detail and the scriptures that echo it. It is a powerful act to bless others, and to be blessed. What does that blessing do for us? For others? Join us in worship to discover the meaning be hind this blessing and others in your life.