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Current Series


From Generation to Generation

Angels play a prominent part in the Advent and Christmas story. Whenever they appear, they first always say, "Do not fear." We'll reflect on what our fear teaches us about ourselves and how we can look for the ways God is present in our fear. God may not always eliminate our fears, but God does make sure we are not alone. This was enough of a comfort to Mary and Joseph so that they could face the future with hope and faith. May it be the same for us.

Grace in Action

We hear the stories of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. The first words in the Bible on creating, building, and developing, and reflect on the ways God can use us to act in the world. God is present and active in making our world and we are reminded again that each of us are made in God's own image. What kind of community do we want to create together? Join us as we explore Grace in Action.

The Older, The Better

Our culture certainly prefers youthfulness to maturity. When people remark that a certain celebrity has “aged well,” it almost always means they look young for their age. That’s the gift we see in people who have aged well: an ability to accept life’s limitations, wisdom and perspective they didn’t have when they were younger, and a willingness to share and pass on a legacy to those around them. Join us as we explore together the wisdom we can gain from those around us who continue to age well.

Love is All You Need-Fall 2022

Love is a simple word with a lot of complexity behind it. When questioned about the most important commandment, Jesus said that loving God and loving others were the greatest of priorities. Paul wrote some of the most beautiful words about love, saying that love was greater even than hope and faith. We will kick off our fall talking, sharing, and practicing loving God and others. From the delight of loving our children to the challenge of loving our enemies, love is a wonder and a mystery. Loving others sounds wonderful, but is often the hardest work we will ever do. Good thing we get to wrestle with it together!


Experiencing the Holy: Celebration & Responsibility for God’s Creation

Join us for 4 weeks in worship as we connect more deeply with creation and claim God’s call on us to be caretakers of the earth. For many of us, God is never more present or real than when we can experience God out in nature. Together, we will be sharing our love of nature along with urgent needs of environmental justice.


Summer Worship 2022

While Pastor Brooke is on renewal leave, we are fortunate to hear from guest preachers Rev. Melanie Homan, Rev. Lauren Rheingans (Univ. of MN Wesley Foundation) and Rev. Terry Benedett-Farmer. We welcome them warmly and enjoy hearing hew perspectives on our ancient text.

What Makes Us Cry

Joy and laughter can bring tears to our eyes. We cry when we are overwhelmed by the sadness and pain in our lives and world. In the midst of joy and pain, there is a great beauty to be seen.

May Series

God works through small, seemingly insignificant moments as well. As we seek to be Easter people, let us remember the stories in our Bible where God took ordinary people, ordinary objects, ordinary places and used them in great big ways to flood the world with love and joy: tiny mustard seeds, two fish, five rocks. Join us as we explore how these small things made a big difference.

Easter Week

Join us for Easter week worship, beginning with Palm Sunday worship on April 10 at 10am. All ages join in a Palm Processional and Holy Communion. Good Friday worship on April 15 at 7pm is an evening of reflection and music. Easter morning we celebrate the Risen Christ at 9am and 10:30am.

Sermon on the Mount

The greatest ever preached. We dive deep into the words of Jesus this Lent and listen to them anew. When Jesus climbed onto the hillside and spoke to the crowd, he gifted all of us with words that could change the world.

What Matters Most: Urgent Issues for Today

We asked Millennials (b. 1981—1996) and Generation Z (b. 1997—2012) to share what issues they thought were the most urgent to address. These two generations are now the two largest generations alive today. The future of our church requires that we understand them, care about them, and connect with them. Together we’ll examine how scripture can inform the way we understand and engage with these issues.


Faith AND Doubt

Too often, doubt is described as an enemy of faith. The more doubts you have, the less faith you must have. But what if we could see it a different way? What is doubt was just a natural part of faith, a healthy part of faith? What if it was something we could embrace instead of criticize? We explore the gifts that doubt can bring to our faith and how we can encourage on another to give voice to the questions, ponderings, and doubts that come  our way.