Why? God and Suffering

Series: Why? Asking God the Hard Questions

January 07, 2024 | Rev. Brooke Heerwald Steiner

Where is God in the midst of suffering? Is God sitting back, letting it happen? Does everything happen according to God’s will? How do we explain how there can be a loving God and horrible tragedies at the same time? This age old dilemma is what theologians call theodicy. To be human is to know pain and suffering at some point in our lives. Scripture is full of faithful people who suffered and struggled, some of the very best suffer the very most. Join us as we wrestle with these realities together and look for God’s presence in the midst of this.

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Life is full of tragedy, suffering, and natural disasters. Whenever this happens, we find ourselves asking God why. Where is God when suffering happens? Does God even listen to our desperate prayers? These honest questions are important to uncover together.

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